Here at Bolhaus, we don’t just show our dogs and produce puppies. We offer a broader range of services in the knowledge that terrier ownership isn’t always straightforward and sometimes a helping hand is needed.

Bolhaus is fully insured, and (where required) licensed for the following services:

Our Services


We hand-strip to breed standard. Spaniels, Terriers, Schnauzers… if you want your dog hand-stripped and you want it done well, contact us or visit our Facebook page for examples of our work.

We can clipper on request, but we much prefer your rough-coated breeds to be groomed as they were meant to be!

Behavioural Advice

Terriers, eh? Who’d have ’em? A terrier is not a placid Labrador. Years of terrier ownership has taught us a few things about the terrier mindset which you won’t be able to learn from a generic training manual.

We can probably help you.

Pet Transport

Moving your pets from A to B isn’t always straightforward. You may not have the time, the distance might be too far, your pet may not like being in a car…

We are DEFRA-APHA approved pet transporters for journeys up to 8 hours and fully insured to transport your pet! We can also travel across Europe and even advise you on any flight transport you may require.

Home Boarding

We have miles and miles of Yorkshire Dales around us for your terrier to explore. Whether they prefer a crate or their very own “human” bedroom, we have it all on offer.

We only take one “family” at a time, so you’re guaranteed 100% of our attention. We only take terriers!

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