Here at Bolhaus, we don’t just show our dogs and produce puppies. We offer a broader range of services in the knowledge that terrier ownership isn’t always straightforward and sometimes a helping hand is needed.

Bolhaus is fully insured, and (where required) licensed for the following services:


We hand-strip to breed standard. Spaniels, Terriers, Schnauzers… if you want your dog hand-stripped and you want it done well, contact us or visit our Facebook page for examples of our work.

We can clipper on request, but we much prefer your rough-coated breeds to be groomed as they were meant to be!

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Pet Transport

Moving your pets from A to B isn’t always straightforward. You may not have the time, the distance might be too far, your pet may not like being in a car…

We are DEFRA-APHA approved pet transporters for journeys up to 8 hours and fully insured to transport your pet!

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Behavioural Advice

Terriers, eh? Who’d have ’em.

A terrier is not a placid Labrador. Years of terrier ownership has taught us a few things about the terrier mindset which you won’t be able to learn from a generic training manual.

We can probably help you…

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