About Bolhaus

Bolhaus is the kennel associated with Chuck – he is formally known as Tough Cookie at Bolhaus.  In doggy-speak, BOL = ‘Bark Out Loud’.  Chuck does enjoy a good bark!

Chuck is a Welsh Terrier (WT for short).  Born in Wales on Halloween 2013, he is a KC registered pedigree who sometimes uses his professional name “Tough Cookie at Bolhaus”.  He is joined by Olia, born in December 2018.

Bolhaus will in future years breed Welsh Terriers, but right now we are investing in championing Chuck and Olia in the ring.

I am a committee member of the Welsh Terrier Club of Great Britain and the Breed Education Co-ordinator for Welsh Terriers under the Kennel Club scheme.

If you would like to join a waiting list for future Bolhaus puppies, please get in contact.

If you’re looking for advice about Terrier behaviour or grooming, please visit The Terrierist.

One thought on “About Bolhaus

  1. Jane says:

    Hi, I love hearing about Chuck. We are looking to get a Welshie soon. I notice he had been into school with you. Is that regular? I have heard Welshies are great with children. Is that true in your experience?



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