We are planning a litter for Summer 2024 and our waiting list will open in January. We may have puppies available. Please email bolhausterriers@gmail.com to enquire.

We do not breed frequent litters. We only breed when we want another dog to join our pack, so that may be one litter every few years, from carefully selected lines.

A short video of our 2020 litter

If you’re interested in a Welsh Terrier puppy from Bolhaus, be prepared to wait!

Because we breed for our own purposes, we are very particular about the homes our puppies join. We understand that these requirements may appear excessive, but they are in the best interests of the puppy, not us. Dogs are not an accessory. Before you submit an enquiry, you should be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Are you experienced in terrier breeds?
    • We do not generally offer Welsh Terriers to “my first dog” homes. We prefer to offer our puppies to families who have had experience of owning a terrier in the past, as Welsh can be a handful!
  • Do you honestly have the time and patience to handle a terrier puppy?
    • We will not place a puppy with a family where all members of the household have full time jobs, or are absent from the home for long periods. Families who have dog-friendly workplaces will be considered, but proof may be requested.
  • Will your puppy be the only dog of its sex in your household?
    • We will not place a boy pup where there is already a male dog in the household. We will not place a girl pup where there is already a female dog in the household. We will only offer a pup of the opposite sex to those who already have a family dog at home.
    • All puppies are KC endorsed to disallow breeding – this can be lifted by mutual agreement at a future point, but we do not allow pet homes to use pups for breeding purposes.
  • Will you allow your pup to fully mature before considering neutering?
    • The healthy development of our puppies is paramount, we discourage castrating or neutering before 1 year of age, or two seasons.
  • Are you prepared to let us pick the pup which best suits you?
    • Puppies have different personalities. Some are headstrong, some are timid, some love cuddles and some are more independent. We will know which pup is the right fit for the lifestyle you describe to us.
  • Are you able to come to visit the litter (we are based in Sedbergh, Cumbria) and meet us before committing to a puppy?
    • We want to meet you! You will want to see the puppies, their parents in their natural environment and ask any questions.
  • Can you afford it?
    • Our puppies have been carefully bred for the best temperament and health, as well as being from champion show lines. The cost of a puppy (£2,000+) is just the start. Don’t underestimate the ongoing costs of increasing your family unit.
  • And finally, if it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, are you prepared to give the puppy back to us?
    • We do not judge. If it doesn’t work for you, please PLEASE bring the puppy back to us, whatever its age, and we will help you sort out the rehoming process privately. It is absolutely heartbreaking when Welsh appear in dog rescue centres. They often find it very hard to adapt to that sort of life. We know terriers, we will sort it out for you. Believe us, we have been there.

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