Tools of the Trade

Having attended lots of shows as a Discover Dogs breed ambassador, we had a vague idea about the sort of equipment show dogs need to take with them on the day…

  • A grooming table
  • A crate (soft or wire)
  • Grooming equipment
  • A show lead
  • Treats/water and bowl
  • Treats/water for humans
  • CASH!
  • A carrying device to transport all of the above

On our first show (in January, the Bucks Open Show), mummy went alone because daddy teaches on a Saturday at his school.  She took my soft crate, my grooming table, arm and brushes/combs/scissors.  Pocket cheese treats were a bonus too.  We bought a collapsing sackbarrow trolley to carry everything in.

When we got there it became pretty clear we were the “budget end” of exhibitors… Mummy even had to scrounge a safety pin from another human to attach my ring number to her jacket…!  We were near the Wire Fox Terriers, and we observed lots of things we should buy/upgrade…

We now have:

  • IMG_0390A Titan Dog Trolley (its a grooming table on wheels that doubles as a sturdy secure crate)
  • A special ring clip for fastening our ring number to mummy
  • A benching chain (like a double ended lead, to attach me to a bench for benched shows)
  • A special grooming bag with partitions to keep everything in order
  • Special conditioning fursprays and a towel for my inevitable full face-dunk when i have a drink
  • A tweed show outfit for mummy which is in a complementary colour to my fur
  • Rubber-soled smart show shoes so that mummy doesnt tap her way around the show ring.
  • A professional groomer (in London, to give me a top notch pre-show groom… see below.  Dogs Delight in Chiswick.  Julie is an award-winning groomer specialising in Terriers who need hand stripping.  That’s me in the photo, by the way…! Hondsome!IMG_0522


Furry Business & New Yummies!

IMG_3878Mummy had to go to the garden centre yesterday to buy a spade to get engraved for her school’s special turf-cutting ceremony.  I told her that she didn’t need to buy a special spade when I would happily dig a hole for free and I’m definitely special enough without any engraving.  When she was at the garden centre, she wandered into the pet corner and found literally the best yummies I’ve had for quite some time.  I liked them so much, I’m going to add them to my Edibles page and do a little picture with the packet.

These are dried Venison Marrow Bones from Billy + Margot.  I’ve tried their seaweed popcorn and I wasn’t convinced.  I didn’t know what to do with the odd fluffy crunchballs, but the venison bones are out of this world.  I don’t normally spend a lot of time with things like this.  I’ve had a buffalo horn for over a year now and mostly I just carry it round, dropping it behind the sofa for laughs.  But this venison totally captured my attention.  Big tick in the Chuck-friendly box for Billy + Margot!

I’m going to be at Crufts 2015.  We are members of the Welsh Terrier Club UK and at many events across the UK, the club has a stand promoting the breed.  The Kennel Club UK has said that Welsh Terriers are an “at watch” vulnerable breed.  Vulnerable breeds have fewer than 300 puppies registered as born per annum.  “At Watch” breeds have around 300 or slightly more per annum.  This is a big shame, because WTs are brilliant dogs.  We are one of the oldest breeds ever, and to see so few of us registered is a great shame.  The club’s stands at various events promotes the breed but also educates people who are looking for a puppy or for general information about what we’re like.  Obviously, we’re pawsome, but the word needs to get out somehow!

It’s people who say “aww, a miniature Airedale” that my mummy and daddy meet the most.  Only today, I was squatting down to do my business on my lunchtime walk and a lady came over to say “Look! A baby Airedale puppy doing a poo!”.  This was fairly upsetting on two levels.  Firstly, I was trying to do my business, and really – who tries to pet anyone doing that?  Secondly, I’m not an Airedale.  I’m also not a puppy.  I growled.  Mummy did a human version of a growl.

stripI digress.  The reason I mentioned Crufts was that in preparation for this event, I needed a haircut.  The KC state a certain breed standard for shape and grooming and as I’m representing my breed, it’s important that I look vaguely appropriate.  Welsh Terriers are like many dogs who don’t shed their fur.  We grow an undercoat that needs to be stripped back (hand plucked) every few months.  So technically, I didn’t really have a haircut today – I had a furstrip.  We have a lovely groomer called Teresa who comes to Wycombe regularly.  You can see her website here.  She told my Daddy how great I was during my furstrip.  Look at the results!!!  Aren’t I handsome?