pupholstery1Chuck and I are problem solvers.  We see a problem and quietly get on with finding a solution.  Many of Chuck’s issues revolve around his size.  He’s only knee-high and a mere 8kg.

Here’s an example: He likes to observe the world from our windows but the windows are too high. We used to let him use the ironing board as a window seat, but recently he jumped up a bit too quickly, and it collapsed (very embarrassing).  So, a slice of memory foam, fabric and a wooden frame later, he has his own tall window bed.  We call it “pupholstery“.

Pupholstery isn’t limited to furniture-making either; you’ll see his snazzy little green snood.  I made it.

  • Remodelling a baby jumper to use as a warm coat? Tick!
  • Wallpapering his nook under the stairs to make it more appealing? Tick!
  • Using a concierge bell as a floor-based door bell? Tick!
  • Hanging a radiator air-dryer over the back of the sofa  as a skeleton for a cushioned windowseat downstairs? Tick!
  • Convert dead space under the stairs into a Bark Avenue apartment? TICK!

Bark Avenue 2017:

“When mummy and daddy moved house, they built me my very own house under the stairs.  With lighting, flooring, wallpaperings and my own front door.  I love it – it’s called Bark Avenue!”

When we were looking at moving house, we wanted specifically an area for Chuck where he could sleep out of the way, not in the kitchen or shut in a room somewhere.  We had previously had an open staircase and he had slept in the nook beneath, so we wanted something similar. We found a house where there was just dead boxed in space under the stairs, so we bought it!  Here’s the progress from dead space to Bark Avenue…

Check back here for posts on clever little house tricks to make your home more Chuck-friendly!

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