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From Dog Show to Stage Show

With my love for the show ring, and posing all over the place, when mummy’s prep school asked for a dog to play the role of Nana in the Year 6 production of Peter Pan, she said I would audition.  She was met with raised eyebrows.  A terrier? In a school play? Oh no, no, no.  Let’s audition the Labradors and all the other ‘family-friendly’ dogs first.  So we waited our turn.  We were last in the line.

With my Ringcraft training, I came out miles ahead of every other dog who auditioned.  I got the part of Nana and joined a long established tradition of pantomime dames.  I love the lights, sounds, children, audience…  I’m so used to shows that the moment my show lead is slipped on, I switch on ‘dog show’ mode, whatever the arena, whoever the handler.  I was handled exclusively by small children for four hour-long performances over the course of a week and performed perfectly every time.

I’m sorry to report that my fellow human cast were most disappointed that all the attention and plaudits were nearly exclusively for a young master Chuck Bennett.  Star of the stage!


Welsh Terrier Champ. Show

Let’s go back to March/April time when I got 3 firsts in three classes at the WT Club Open Show…  Few exhibitors, no challengers for my crown…. Skip forward to Sunday and the WT Club Championship Show.  Nearly twice as many exhibitors (for the championship alone!) and I only entered 1 class – Postgraduate.  I was beaten in the class.  I came second.

Why, one might ask?

It’s about what it means to be exhibiting at an Open or Championship.  At an Open Show, you won’t get the “title-hungry” exhibitors.  Open Shows are just as seriously judged, but don’t have tickets on offer to the winners, so those who are looking for their CCs or even their Championship often won’t bother.  Hold a championship show and everyone comes out of their little dens to try and grab a CC or BIS.  Some of them you will rarely ever see again.

It irritates me somewhat – not that I came second, but that Open Shows aren’t well supported across the exhibitors.  They struggle for entries quite often, or – they struggle for good quality entries.  And for a rare breed with small numbers anyway, you’d expect that everyone will pull together for the Open Shows to support the breed, the club and showing in general.  No.  They don’t.  And that’s my rant of the day over, pals.

My show?  I actually walked really nicely, stood nicely, but quite simply, the dog who won the class was far better groomed and more like the judge’s definition of a “correct Welsh” than I was on the day.

On to the next shows – two in one day !!!

Announcement: SOLD OUT!


Many thanks to all who bought a ChuckBum keyring – you raised a brilliant £100 for Terrier SOS and we sold out within 29 hours…!!!

Drum roll please..!

A most kind friend turned my kennel logo into a solid wooden key ring (oak, I believe).  If you would like one, they are now available for purchase!


They’re in limited supply, so right now, you can only buy one per transaction (apologies to those who wanted 20… or indeed 60… you know who you are).


They are £3 each.  For each one sold, £2 will be donated to Terrier SOS.  This is a hugely important charity to our family, and for all terriers.  So, by owning your own piece of my lovely rear, you are also supporting our pals in need.

Yes! I want to buy a Lovely Rear Keyring for £3 (+£1 postage) and help TerrierSOS!
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Postage is a flat-rate £1.  If you are non-UK, we will send your order to you, but be aware it will rely on international shipping times.  If I could fly them over to you myself, I would.  For UK pals, you’ll obviously get yours a whole lot faster!

Meeting Twitter Pals

Mostly I travel to places for dog shows.  Sometimes I travel to simply showcase my breed.  I go to Discover Dogs and the Game Fairs mostly!

This year, I’ve already done Discover Dogs at Crufts in March, and a few weeks ago I did the Game Fair at Hatfield House.  They traditionally have a Terrier Tent, where vulnerable terrier breeds are on display to educate visitors and, most importantly, to have a good ol’ cuddle with us!  I do love a spectator cuddle!

I had told my twitter pals about my attendance and was delighted to be able to meet the very famous Bertie Lakeland in the fur, his dad, Mollie Apso‘s PA, Bowser Welsh and his humans!  Total treat of the day!

Also on the stand were my Welsh pals Captain Jack, Daisy, Max, Lucie and Nia (and Ivy, who had to leave before we took this photo…)