Bol-Friendly …

IMG_2842Dogs are bona fide members of our family, comes with us to as many places as we can.  It turns us into crazy people trying to accommodate them into our lives, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As we travel around, we will post our findings here.

Places, things, unusual items.  If it’s Bol-friendly, it will be here!

Perhaps the most important thing is HOW we travel.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by the Chiltern Hills, so we often don’t travel far.  But why live in the goldfish bowl?

IMG_2841The BOL (Bark Out Loud) Box is Chuck’s primary method of long-distance travel.  It’s a car seat that’s a bit like a basket on a rope.  Chuck is a front-seat traveller.  He likes to view (and comment on) his destination and journey.  We use a Solvit Booster Seat and Chuck is more than happy.  In all honesty, we could attach him to the car seat itself or let him lay down in the footwell, but with my suspect driving, a box is probably safer!

20140401_140611Penn Woods (unsurprisingly, near Penn, Buckinghamshire) is by far, Chuck’s favourite place to roam free.  You can walk through to Penn Street, where we believe all of the pubs are dog-friendly!   Penn Street has a beer festival each July, where all the pubs offer their finest ales and dogs are very welcome indeed.  Car parking can be chaotic during the festival, but luckily for Chuck and his daddy, mummy offers a taxi service.

How can you possibly disagree with that happy puppy face?!

IMG_20140706_103827Dawlish Warren isn’t, perhaps, the most 5* of destinations on the south coast of England, but it’s cheerful and easy to get to.  What we liked about it was it’s clear dog-friendly functionality.  Lots of notices and labels that told Chuck which beaches he could play on (this was the first time he had met the sea, by the way) and there were lots of them to choose from.  Everything was clean, and it was close to lots of prettier (but less Chuck-friendly) places where he didn’t mind being so restricted as he would inevitably be knackered.

pantryPantry, Hazlemere is a lovely cafe which is about a 15 minute walk from our house.  They don’t have any signs saying no dogs, so we risked it and took a seat.  It was a delightful surprise, they were very Chuck-friendly, did magnificent coffee and let Chuck have his own water and bacon.  5 Stars!

Pay them a pawsome visit, here.


Progress Bakery, Hazlemere is our newest Bol-friendly addition.  It’s a lovely bakery which recently also added a cafe inside.  It’s on a main road with lots of parking, and has delicious cakes and treats at very reasonable prices.  The best bit?  They replied to mummy’s tweet asking if they there #dogfriendly and said we were allowed in!

The Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough is a pub that expressly welcomes “muddy dogs”!!!  I am not a muddy dog, but I’m allowed in nonetheless!  It’s amazing, with a fenced big garden, a nice roaring fire and even free bonio treats for us bols!  Amazing.  Mummy took me to a work meeting here, and I really enjoyed it!

The Lake Country House Hotel & Spa, Llangemmarch Wells, Powys is a fancy hotel in Wales, which is possibly the most bol-friendly hotel ever.  Huge grounds to explore, with strategically placed poo-bins, biscuits on arrival, my own bar area and lounge, it’s lovely!

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