Hurley Burley

garden chairBeen quite busy recently – it was the Easter holidays, so everyone was home and we were out doing bits and bobs – having adventures… Mummy even bought me this great new garden chair.  £12 in B&Q is apparently a bargain for a Chuck-friendly seat.

One Easter adventure was a trip to Hurley.  It’s about 20 minutes from us, and very pretty – on the Thames path and full of old style cottages and history.  I like water, so a trip along the river seemed like a good idea.  Mummy produced a picnic (I had slices of Chicken all of my own) and off we went.

hurley 1Now, I like other doggies a LOT.  All have the potential to be great pawpals, but maybe some doggies need their humans to take care of them a little more than others.  I’m on my safety lead because I’m basically a scatty terrier who would run off after stuff given half the chance.  I need a lead to make sure Mummy and Daddy can follow me when I dash off.   Not all other doggies need to keep their humans on a lead because they’re less independent.  Anyway, I got jumped by this big bouncy grey skinny dog.  What upset Mummy was that its humans didn’t even care.  They thought it was funny.  What if I was an angry dog?  I might have not liked getting jumped like that and caused an accident.  This sort of human definitely needs a proper dog-ucation.

hurley 2Anyway.  The best bit was getting to paddle in the Thames.  Mummy isn’t sure if I can properly swim yet, so I kept to the shallow bits.  It was great.

Paws in the air for Hurley! Very Chuck-friendly.

Magical Bath Time

Yesterday, Mummy had to go to visit a school in Bath on a business trip.  Because it’s Half Term for schools and looked like a nice sunny day, Daddy was available and we both hitched a ride with Mummy to see if we could find a good place for a long walk (downhill!) from Claverton Down to Limpley Stoke, passing a famous aqueduct on the way.  This part of Bath is beautiful, lots of green hills, rivers, canals and open fields.  Daddy has an OS map reader on his phone so had planned a Geography walk for us.

I had previously posted on our WT facebook group asking if anyone knew of good Chuck-Friendly places to eat in the area.  Unfortunately, a lovely pub that used to cater for four-legged guests, The Wheelwright Arms, has decided to revoke its policy towards us, which is pretty mean.  Scratch that one off the list! We did find a lovely place, a bit further West called the Hope and Anchor Inn, in Midford.  They have a  small but good enclosed sunny garden that has terraced layers and I wasn’t the only dog visitor!  I can thoroughly recommend their ham and it is on a great cycle track.

By far, the best thing about our trip was the amount of cow pat everywhere.  I bloomin’ LOVE cow pats.  This did mean that when we got home, another type of bath awaited me.  I love both types of Bath.