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  • Our thoughts on #BrookeHouts

    At some point, every dog owner gets frustrated with their dog.  Maybe something minor, like them not coming when called, or something a bit more drastic, like tearing your favourite armchair to shreds when you’re not there. What you do in these situations is often just between you and your four walls (and the dog). …

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  • When actors become animal experts (apparently) and everyone applauds…

    A week or so ago, a chap called Peter Egan, did an interview with the Radio Times.  This chap is an actor and self-proclaimed animal rights activist.  In this interview, the actor (and animal rights activist) questioned whether Crufts and show dogs in general is nothing more than a dangerous beauty pageant. So the Crufts-bashing…

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  • What has Social Media ever done for us (dogs)?

    We’re going to have to suspend the imagination for just a moment. Clearly @chukkabennett isn’t actually the dog himself typing away.  Though I’ve suspected for a long time that he can read, he clearly doesn’t actually type his own tweets.  And anyway, if he could, they’d be in Welsh. This dog has over 3,000 followers…

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  • 2018 in Review

    Now I’ve finished the shows for the year, I’ve done some number crunching… 10 Shows, 2 best of breed awards, and 3 qualifications for Crufts 2019: 8 Championships 5 1st placings and a BoB 2 2nd placings 1 3rd placing (WDS) 2 Open 1 1st placing and a BoB 1 2nd placing Overall, seven 1st…

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  • Back on the (Chalk)Block

    It’s been a while. A week after Crufts, it snowed.  I ate some snow which had been poisoned with weedkiller/antifreeze and was rushed to the Vets to be put on a drip for a few days, get it all out of my system. They shaved my leg fur for the drip on one leg (they…

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  • The Power Of One

    The Power Of One

    For no monarchy is so absolute, but it is circumscribed with laws; but when the executive power is in the law-makers, there is no further check upon them; and the people must suffer without a remedy, because they are oppressed by their representatives. If I must serve, the number of my masters, who were born…

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  • The Marks Of Kingly Sovereignty

    The Marks Of Kingly Sovereignty

    It is indeed their interest, who endeavour the subversion of governments, to discourage poets and historians; for the best which can happen to them, is to be forgotten. But such who, under kings, are the fathers of their country, and by a just and prudent ordering of affairs preserve it, have the same reason to…

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  • Protected: Star of the Stage (videos)

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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  • Pictures

    For my pals:

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  • From Dog Show to Stage Show

    With my love for the show ring, and posing all over the place, when mummy’s prep school asked for a dog to play the role of Nana in the Year 6 production of Peter Pan, she said I would audition.  She was met with raised eyebrows.  A terrier? In a school play? Oh no, no,…

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