Fireworks: An answer?

It's a tricky time of year for anyone with a dog who doesn't like fireworks. Actually, that doesn't quite cover it.  Fireworks are tricky at any time of year for dogs who don't like them, but November is an especially difficult time. We see countless videos and photos of dogs quaking with fear around Bonfire… Continue reading Fireworks: An answer?

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A response to PETA’s disruption of Crufts…

Chuck's Mummy here! I don't often write long ranty posts, but I'm going to, to stand alongside every dog show handler, breeder, and dog. I don't really care if anyone agrees or disagrees but this article makes me absolutely FURIOUS... and here's why: 1) You cannot compare the cruelty of a bullring to Crufts or indeed… Continue reading A response to PETA’s disruption of Crufts…

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Therapy & Comfort in the Workplace

Dogs in the workplace.  A tricky one, right? For sure, there are many places of work that really wouldn't suit dogs.  Manufacturing industry workplaces, for example.  Public transportation, too - probably unwise.  But... schools? General offices? Here I am in mummy's office.  I'm helping her strategise her next income generation campaign.  I'm on my lead,… Continue reading Therapy & Comfort in the Workplace