Announcement: SOLD OUT!


Many thanks to all who bought a ChuckBum keyring – you raised a brilliant £100 for Terrier SOS and we sold out within 29 hours…!!!

Drum roll please..!

A most kind friend turned my kennel logo into a solid wooden key ring (oak, I believe).  If you would like one, they are now available for purchase!


They’re in limited supply, so right now, you can only buy one per transaction (apologies to those who wanted 20… or indeed 60… you know who you are).


They are £3 each.  For each one sold, £2 will be donated to Terrier SOS.  This is a hugely important charity to our family, and for all terriers.  So, by owning your own piece of my lovely rear, you are also supporting our pals in need.

Yes! I want to buy a Lovely Rear Keyring for £3 (+£1 postage) and help TerrierSOS!
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Note:  You don’t need a paypal account to purchase – you can check out “as a guest”.

Postage is a flat-rate £1.  If you are non-UK, we will send your order to you, but be aware it will rely on international shipping times.  If I could fly them over to you myself, I would.  For UK pals, you’ll obviously get yours a whole lot faster!

WKC 2017 Champ. Show

Pals! I went back to my homeland (Cymru am byth) this weekend to appear in the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show in Builth Wells on 19 August.

It rained so the rings were moved indoors, thank goodness, because I never quite walk as nicely on grass, as we saw at Southern Counties earlier in the summer.  We were all a bit nervy because apparently an American Champion Welsh was due to attend, not in my class, but one above, so many of my show pals were resigned to this chap winning.  He didn’t turn up.

Why do some dogs appear on the catalogue as due to attend but don’t actually show up?  Can be for all sorts of reasons.  You want to be on top form when you’re in the ring, so if you’re a champion and you’re not in top condition, you’d probably withdraw.  You’re supposed to be representing the best of your breed, so if you aren’t well, or your coat isn’t quite right, you might not turn up.  That’s ok.  I’ve done this before.  I ate a bee before National Terrier, and wasn’t at all feeling well so despite entering, we didn’t turn up – it wouldn’t have been fair on me.

Anyway, I’m still in Postgraduate Class – I won my class (!) so I went through to Best Dog, which I didn’t win.  The winner was very much deserving of the title.  Stunning chap.  I was very happy with my class win, as it was my second qualification for Crufts 2018! Hooray!


As a side note, if you’re ever in Wales near Builth or indeed North Brecon, and you want somewhere to stay in luxury with your dog, go to The Lake Country Hotel & Spa.  It’s in Llangammarch Wells.  VERY dog friendly, lovely grounds in which to walk, amazing food for humans and a good cocktail list! Book a suite – they’re excellent! Or ask to stay in the main house, not the cottage.

Lazy Sundays

puppyWhen I joined the Bennett Family, I was a tiny puppy (see Exhibit A, left – aren’t I amazingly CUTE?!).  I slept lots, for sure, but I also loved playing, jumping, running, scratching, enjoying my new Mummy and Daddy etc.

Mummy and Daddy honestly believed they would never have another lie-in ever again.  On an average day, we get up at 6.30am for a morning walk.  So naturally, this is my morning rhythm and I expect that every morning, whatever day of the week it is.  PLUS, human beds are amazing.  Stuff moves under the blankets and it’s great fun to pounce on these miscellaneous moving things and try to dig them out.

bedTo everyone’s enormous surprise, I recently decided for no particular reason that sleeping in a bed is better than digging up the bed.  I gave my Mummy and Daddy their weekends back, apparently.  I get Daddy out of bed at 6.30am so I can have a quick wee in the garden, and then join them upstairs for a few hours for a nap.

It’s brilliant.  I love bed.

Hurley Burley

garden chairBeen quite busy recently – it was the Easter holidays, so everyone was home and we were out doing bits and bobs – having adventures… Mummy even bought me this great new garden chair.  £12 in B&Q is apparently a bargain for a Chuck-friendly seat.

One Easter adventure was a trip to Hurley.  It’s about 20 minutes from us, and very pretty – on the Thames path and full of old style cottages and history.  I like water, so a trip along the river seemed like a good idea.  Mummy produced a picnic (I had slices of Chicken all of my own) and off we went.

hurley 1Now, I like other doggies a LOT.  All have the potential to be great pawpals, but maybe some doggies need their humans to take care of them a little more than others.  I’m on my safety lead because I’m basically a scatty terrier who would run off after stuff given half the chance.  I need a lead to make sure Mummy and Daddy can follow me when I dash off.   Not all other doggies need to keep their humans on a lead because they’re less independent.  Anyway, I got jumped by this big bouncy grey skinny dog.  What upset Mummy was that its humans didn’t even care.  They thought it was funny.  What if I was an angry dog?  I might have not liked getting jumped like that and caused an accident.  This sort of human definitely needs a proper dog-ucation.

hurley 2Anyway.  The best bit was getting to paddle in the Thames.  Mummy isn’t sure if I can properly swim yet, so I kept to the shallow bits.  It was great.

Paws in the air for Hurley! Very Chuck-friendly.

Toot Toot, Ah… Beep Beep

I love cars.  I love sitting in them, up front (strapped in), and pretending that I’m flying super fast.  We always go to nice places in mummy or daddy’s cars.  Parks, big walks, Granny and Granpas’ houses (Granny and Grandpa Bennett seem to live a LOT closer).  I even like our journeys to the Vet.  I have a nice Vet called Attila (!) who works in a place called Beaconsfield, which is full of big houses and loud cars.

I have my own car seat, which we call the BolBox.  It’s hooked over the front seat headrest so I can keep track on mummy/daddy’s driving skills, which are fairly good.  It means I can see out of the windows and growl at cyclists or cows.

I grew up from a tiny age being in a car, so I’m used to it.  I know the auto-click sound mummy’s keys make when she unlocks the car and I rush to the door to get in! LOVE IT!

PS I have a vine channel now.  I’ve been inspired by Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund, I’m going to wear some fab outfits and do silly things on camera!

Furry Business & New Yummies!

IMG_3878Mummy had to go to the garden centre yesterday to buy a spade to get engraved for her school’s special turf-cutting ceremony.  I told her that she didn’t need to buy a special spade when I would happily dig a hole for free and I’m definitely special enough without any engraving.  When she was at the garden centre, she wandered into the pet corner and found literally the best yummies I’ve had for quite some time.  I liked them so much, I’m going to add them to my Edibles page and do a little picture with the packet.

These are dried Venison Marrow Bones from Billy + Margot.  I’ve tried their seaweed popcorn and I wasn’t convinced.  I didn’t know what to do with the odd fluffy crunchballs, but the venison bones are out of this world.  I don’t normally spend a lot of time with things like this.  I’ve had a buffalo horn for over a year now and mostly I just carry it round, dropping it behind the sofa for laughs.  But this venison totally captured my attention.  Big tick in the Chuck-friendly box for Billy + Margot!

I’m going to be at Crufts 2015.  We are members of the Welsh Terrier Club UK and at many events across the UK, the club has a stand promoting the breed.  The Kennel Club UK has said that Welsh Terriers are an “at watch” vulnerable breed.  Vulnerable breeds have fewer than 300 puppies registered as born per annum.  “At Watch” breeds have around 300 or slightly more per annum.  This is a big shame, because WTs are brilliant dogs.  We are one of the oldest breeds ever, and to see so few of us registered is a great shame.  The club’s stands at various events promotes the breed but also educates people who are looking for a puppy or for general information about what we’re like.  Obviously, we’re pawsome, but the word needs to get out somehow!

It’s people who say “aww, a miniature Airedale” that my mummy and daddy meet the most.  Only today, I was squatting down to do my business on my lunchtime walk and a lady came over to say “Look! A baby Airedale puppy doing a poo!”.  This was fairly upsetting on two levels.  Firstly, I was trying to do my business, and really – who tries to pet anyone doing that?  Secondly, I’m not an Airedale.  I’m also not a puppy.  I growled.  Mummy did a human version of a growl.

stripI digress.  The reason I mentioned Crufts was that in preparation for this event, I needed a haircut.  The KC state a certain breed standard for shape and grooming and as I’m representing my breed, it’s important that I look vaguely appropriate.  Welsh Terriers are like many dogs who don’t shed their fur.  We grow an undercoat that needs to be stripped back (hand plucked) every few months.  So technically, I didn’t really have a haircut today – I had a furstrip.  We have a lovely groomer called Teresa who comes to Wycombe regularly.  You can see her website here.  She told my Daddy how great I was during my furstrip.  Look at the results!!!  Aren’t I handsome?

Magical Bath Time

Yesterday, Mummy had to go to visit a school in Bath on a business trip.  Because it’s Half Term for schools and looked like a nice sunny day, Daddy was available and we both hitched a ride with Mummy to see if we could find a good place for a long walk (downhill!) from Claverton Down to Limpley Stoke, passing a famous aqueduct on the way.  This part of Bath is beautiful, lots of green hills, rivers, canals and open fields.  Daddy has an OS map reader on his phone so had planned a Geography walk for us.

I had previously posted on our WT facebook group asking if anyone knew of good Chuck-Friendly places to eat in the area.  Unfortunately, a lovely pub that used to cater for four-legged guests, The Wheelwright Arms, has decided to revoke its policy towards us, which is pretty mean.  Scratch that one off the list! We did find a lovely place, a bit further West called the Hope and Anchor Inn, in Midford.  They have a  small but good enclosed sunny garden that has terraced layers and I wasn’t the only dog visitor!  I can thoroughly recommend their ham and it is on a great cycle track.

By far, the best thing about our trip was the amount of cow pat everywhere.  I bloomin’ LOVE cow pats.  This did mean that when we got home, another type of bath awaited me.  I love both types of Bath.