Creating a Dynasty

What’s the purpose of a dog show? We’ve vaguely covered this in previous blogs – it’s primarily breeders who want to raise the profile of their dogs, promote their lines and improve on the standard.  We all do it for fun, but it’s really a showcase of improvement, heritage and planning.

When we fell into the world of dog showing, we had much to learn about the breed and all that comes with it.  We at Bolhaus, are determined to promote this vulnerable native terrier breed, and ensure that for generations to come, owners have the opportunity to have a pup that is the very best we can breed, with fewest health issues, and the very best terrier type.

Along the way to this point, we have learned about anatomy and physiology, hereditary issues from a broad range of lines, genetics, and all sorts.  We are now in a reasonably informed position to really create a dynasty of Welsh Terriers  for the future.

We have Chuck, the dog with superb temperament and shape.  Over the past year we have been searching for just the right bitch to join him, our Foundation bitch with whom to begin our breeding journey.

She needed to be:

  • As unrelated to Chuck as possible (and that’s not easy in a vulnerable breed)
  • Of sound health, with good hereditary genetics
  • Of sound temperament, possibly a little more “fesity” than Chuck, to balance him out a bit.

That all sounds easy to tick off, but in reality, we could tick requirements two and three but requirement 1 was our sticking point over and over again.  The KC has recommended percentages for the maximum inbreeding (COI) tolerable for all breeds, and with Welsh Terriers, because there are so few of them, it’s tricky to get anything below 15% with any domestic UK born pup who also fills requirements two and three.

We are delighted, therefore, to have found our girl – and she was imported from the Loire Valley, France, in early April.  Look out for Princess Olia in weeks to come!

One thought on “Creating a Dynasty

  1. Jack-Dog says:

    ‪Good read. Well done Boulhaus. Welcome Olia!‬

    ‪Looked up the numbers:‬
    ‪325 Welsh Terriers registered (2018)‬
    ‪601 Airedale Terriers‬
    ‪3407 Boxers‬
    ‪5245 Border Terriers‬
    ‪~7000 German Shepherds‬
    ‪~7000 Daschunds‬
    ‪~10000 Pugs‬
    ‪~24000 Cockers‬
    ‪~37000 French Bulldogs‬
    ‪~37000 Labradors‬



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