What has Social Media ever done for us (dogs)?

We’re going to have to suspend the imagination for just a moment.

Clearly @chukkabennett isn’t actually the dog himself typing away.  Though I’ve suspected for a long time that he can read, he clearly doesn’t actually type his own tweets.  And anyway, if he could, they’d be in Welsh.

This dog has over 3,000 followers on Twitter. That’s more than an organisation I recently worked for.  It’s 2,900 more than I have on my human twitter profile. One of his other doggy friends on Twitter nearly has 10,000 followers.  Is the world insane? What is going on!?

We’re human, we’re dog-lovers and giving “voice” to the animals we so dearly love isn’t anything new.  Consider Scooby Doo, Muttley, Sweep… We have always anthropomorphised our canine companions, but perhaps before, it was on a more private scale.  Social media has just gone and made the whole thing way more public.  And I for one, think it’s a good thing.

We bring joy to others.  So many comments on Chuck’s posts have been about how his photos and videos (sometimes bordering on the indecent) have brought a smile to the face of a stranger hundreds of miles away.  If that one photograph I posted has brought a chuckle for someone who really needed a laugh at that moment, then my job is done.

We educate.  Chuck is a pet.  Chuck is also a show dog.  An industry which, in some very loud corners, is absolutely despised as the pit of all wrongdoing and abuse.  If being a show dog means Chuck is abused, then all hope is lost for the dogs who really need your help.  Sharing his daily stories is my little way of giving a bit of insight into the life of a show dog.  Along the way, I’ve offered tips on grooming, feeding, training and all sorts.  For free, by the way.  Sharing is caring.  As a community, we share information on missing dogs, news updates on diseases and tragic events.  And together we raise money for all sorts of causes which might otherwise not have got quite as much screen time!

We nurture relationships.  In a world where making new friends, and I mean REAL friends, is probably getting harder and harder, Chuck and his twitter profile has afforded me the opportunity to meet real, human friends.  People who by virtue of also having profiles for their dogs, have a shared interest in all of the above.  We laugh, we cry and we meet up from time to time, with and without our dogs.  If I hadn’t created @chukkabennett, I would never have met these wonderful individuals.

We’re participating in fancy dress on the internet, basically.   A love letter to our dearest companions, and it is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I bloody well hope Chuck is flattered! It’s a cathartic way to express our thoughts which perhaps as our human selves we wouldn’t otherwise do.  We can let ourselves go just a little bit.  And that’s liberating.

Crufts is nearly here.  Crufts is an important date in my diary for obvious and not so obvious reasons.  Yes, it’s all about Chuck and his show career, but secretly I’m actually more excited that it’s the anniversary of our twitter meet-up.  Having chatted to each other and met individually here and there for a year, at Crufts 2018, nearly all of us came together for the first time.  Our little group of terrierists has grown since then, but that core group – without Twitter I wouldn’t have you.  I am certain there are other stories out there just like mine.  Liberated by their twitter dog profile.

Some people might find all of this ridiculous and pathetic.  Well, do you know what? @chukkabennett is a dog.  He doesn’t care!

9 responses to “What has Social Media ever done for us (dogs)?”

  1. Kris. Avatar

    Very true, life long friendships made because of our love for our dogs. We have laughed and cried together, and supported each other through tough times, albeit from afar. If others choose to class us as bonkers, so be it, i for one know how lucky i am. See you at Crufts. xx

  2. Mahon Rosemarie Avatar
    Mahon Rosemarie

    We love chuck! He’s a beautiful dog good luck at crafts wish we could go and meet all the pals a…

  3. Jane Avatar

    I really enjoy reading the tweets from all the dogs of twitter and the Archduke Ralph has started to join 8n – under my tutelage ☺️

  4. Anne Avatar

    Every word so true. Bless you and the marvellous Chuck. The friends I have made through Twit have seen me through some tough times and I am blessed to know each one of you

  5. Alfie Avatar

    Lovely article. We love following Chuck and think the tips are helpful too. Most of all we love his cheeky face and also the Twitter ‘banter’ from others. Thanks.

  6. Pawsforbreathandrun.com Avatar

    We love Chuck… maybe we might see him next Saturday.
    If not it would be great if he would do a piece for my blog..ideally not in welsh 🤔

    1. chukkabennett Avatar

      Certainly! Come and see us in Hall 1 Ring 6 – we will be there most of the day

      1. Pawsforbreathandrun.com Avatar

        Oh great totally unfamiliar with the process … so wasnt sure if id get to catch you .. love to
        May i ask your first name?
        Im sure youlk here the chuck shout anyway .
        Is there a lot of waiting around 4 you ?

  7. James Huff Avatar
    James Huff

    What a great read! Thank you so much for sharing this! I think Harper has about 10x the followers on “her” feed than I do, and I’m okay with that now. I rather enjoy scrolling through her feed more than my own at this point. Good luck at Crufts, Chuck!

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