Back on the (Chalk)Block

It’s been a while.

A week after Crufts, it snowed.  I ate some snow which had been poisoned with weedkiller/antifreeze and was rushed to the Vets to be put on a drip for a few days, get it all out of my system.

They shaved my leg fur for the drip on one leg (they don’t have to, to get the needle in, they were told not to, but they did it anyway).  My leg fur takes AGES to grow back, so despite me feeling better a week later, I wasn’t able to show until my furnishings grew out.  It was mid-June before I was back in the ring.

In the meantime, the humans had got new jobs, oops North, starting in September, so were panicking about housing, showing, grooming, finances etc etc

PS if you want a 4 bedroom detached house in Buckinghamshire with built in kennels INDOORS, I have the home for You!

We went to Amsterdam in August – that’s a whole blog post on it’s own! I held my own against champion dogs and came third, beating some serious competition.

and now… I live in Cumbria, I still go to dog shows all over, but won my first best of breed in Darlington, which basically makes me King of the North!

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