From Dog Show to Stage Show

With my love for the show ring, and posing all over the place, when mummy’s prep school asked for a dog to play the role of Nana in the Year 6 production of Peter Pan, she said I would audition.  She was met with raised eyebrows.  A terrier? In a school play? Oh no, no, no.  Let’s audition the Labradors and all the other ‘family-friendly’ dogs first.  So we waited our turn.  We were last in the line.

With my Ringcraft training, I came out miles ahead of every other dog who auditioned.  I got the part of Nana and joined a long established tradition of pantomime dames.  I love the lights, sounds, children, audience…  I’m so used to shows that the moment my show lead is slipped on, I switch on ‘dog show’ mode, whatever the arena, whoever the handler.  I was handled exclusively by small children for four hour-long performances over the course of a week and performed perfectly every time.

I’m sorry to report that my fellow human cast were most disappointed that all the attention and plaudits were nearly exclusively for a young master Chuck Bennett.  Star of the stage!


2 responses to “From Dog Show to Stage Show”

  1. Sandra Avatar

    I’m not surprised you were the star of the show

  2. little house happiness Avatar

    I’m not surprised you were the star of the show

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