Meeting Twitter Pals

Mostly I travel to places for dog shows.  Sometimes I travel to simply showcase my breed.  I go to Discover Dogs and the Game Fairs mostly!

This year, I’ve already done Discover Dogs at Crufts in March, and a few weeks ago I did the Game Fair at Hatfield House.  They traditionally have a Terrier Tent, where vulnerable terrier breeds are on display to educate visitors and, most importantly, to have a good ol’ cuddle with us!  I do love a spectator cuddle!

I had told my twitter pals about my attendance and was delighted to be able to meet the very famous Bertie Lakeland in the fur, his dad, Mollie Apso‘s PA, Bowser Welsh and his humans!  Total treat of the day!

Also on the stand were my Welsh pals Captain Jack, Daisy, Max, Lucie and Nia (and Ivy, who had to leave before we took this photo…)


WKC 2017 Champ. Show

Pals! I went back to my homeland (Cymru am byth) this weekend to appear in the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show in Builth Wells on 19 August.

It rained so the rings were moved indoors, thank goodness, because I never quite walk as nicely on grass, as we saw at Southern Counties earlier in the summer.  We were all a bit nervy because apparently an American Champion Welsh was due to attend, not in my class, but one above, so many of my show pals were resigned to this chap winning.  He didn’t turn up.

Why do some dogs appear on the catalogue as due to attend but don’t actually show up?  Can be for all sorts of reasons.  You want to be on top form when you’re in the ring, so if you’re a champion and you’re not in top condition, you’d probably withdraw.  You’re supposed to be representing the best of your breed, so if you aren’t well, or your coat isn’t quite right, you might not turn up.  That’s ok.  I’ve done this before.  I ate a bee before National Terrier, and wasn’t at all feeling well so despite entering, we didn’t turn up – it wouldn’t have been fair on me.

Anyway, I’m still in Postgraduate Class – I won my class (!) so I went through to Best Dog, which I didn’t win.  The winner was very much deserving of the title.  Stunning chap.  I was very happy with my class win, as it was my second qualification for Crufts 2018! Hooray!


As a side note, if you’re ever in Wales near Builth or indeed North Brecon, and you want somewhere to stay in luxury with your dog, go to The Lake Country Hotel & Spa.  It’s in Llangammarch Wells.  VERY dog friendly, lovely grounds in which to walk, amazing food for humans and a good cocktail list! Book a suite – they’re excellent! Or ask to stay in the main house, not the cottage.