Tools of the Trade

Having attended lots of shows as a Discover Dogs breed ambassador, we had a vague idea about the sort of equipment show dogs need to take with them on the day…

  • A grooming table
  • A crate (soft or wire)
  • Grooming equipment
  • A show lead
  • Treats/water and bowl
  • Treats/water for humans
  • CASH!
  • A carrying device to transport all of the above

On our first show (in January, the Bucks Open Show), mummy went alone because daddy teaches on a Saturday at his school.  She took my soft crate, my grooming table, arm and brushes/combs/scissors.  Pocket cheese treats were a bonus too.  We bought a collapsing sackbarrow trolley to carry everything in.

When we got there it became pretty clear we were the “budget end” of exhibitors… Mummy even had to scrounge a safety pin from another human to attach my ring number to her jacket…!  We were near the Wire Fox Terriers, and we observed lots of things we should buy/upgrade…

We now have:

  • IMG_0390A Titan Dog Trolley (its a grooming table on wheels that doubles as a sturdy secure crate)
  • A special ring clip for fastening our ring number to mummy
  • A benching chain (like a double ended lead, to attach me to a bench for benched shows)
  • A special grooming bag with partitions to keep everything in order
  • Special conditioning fursprays and a towel for my inevitable full face-dunk when i have a drink
  • A tweed show outfit for mummy which is in a complementary colour to my fur
  • Rubber-soled smart show shoes so that mummy doesnt tap her way around the show ring.
  • A professional groomer (in London, to give me a top notch pre-show groom… see below.  Dogs Delight in Chiswick.  Julie is an award-winning groomer specialising in Terriers who need hand stripping.  That’s me in the photo, by the way…! Hondsome!IMG_0522


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