On a #DogFriendly Mission

Been busy recently.  Mummy has been on a mission to find as many nice cafes, restaurants, bars and shops that will let me over the threshold.  Lots of websites available that supposedly catalogue places where I am allowed in, but mostly these are pubs and hotels.  Mummy wants something different – just normal shops, cafes etc where we can all go inside, as winter is coming and I like my Saturday morning excursions.  Mummy is bored of repeated trips to the same one cafe and the same pet shops over and over.

So she started a local mission to contact businesses via social media to see if i’m allowed in.  So far with a 50% success rate on a response and of that, a 100% rate of allowed entry.

This actually has a wider frame of reference… Did you know that even some assistance dogs arent allowed in shops!?!  Hearing Dogs are denied entry with their humans to some of the major businesses, and that’s a huge problem.  I’m just a leisure shopper, but Hearing Dogs have very important jobs to do, that assist their humans with daily living routines, such as shopping.  Mummy was utterly disgusted that shops which admit entry to Guide Dogs, dont always admit entry to Hearing Dogs.  Why the difference?

Everyone should read about their campaign “Who Lets the Dogs in”.  Here’s a worrying stat:  70% of deaf people with a hearing dog have been refused access on the UK high street.


As Hearing Dogs says, businesses should welcome deaf people with hearing dogs under the Equality Act 2010.  So why don’t they?

Read about their campaign here.

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