Review: Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

So mummy has shown me lots of youtube videos of dogs with the latest toy: a Wobble Wag Giggle Ball.  It looks like a durable toy that doesn’t need batteries, makes lots of fun noises and rolls around.  So she bought one for me.

IMG_4259Toys don’t last long in my house.  I love noisy toys and rip eyes, legs, fastenings, squeakers, stuffing out of them ALL.  Mummy is always sewing my toys back together, replacing stuffing, performing teddy surgery etc.  So this new toy seemed perfect… I was super excited to get this new toy.

To be fair, I’m always super excited to get new toys.  At the weekends we sometimes go to our local pet shop so I can pick out a new toy myself because I’m quite fussy.  Sometimes they last 2 hours, sometimes they last forever (with a lot of surgery), but mostly my favourite ones don’t pass the 7 day mark.

What did I think of this Wobble Wag Giggle Ball?

I was confused.  I couldn’t find out where the noise was coming from (because it was so durable, I couldn’t chew into it).  It irritated me, because I couldn’t break it.  BUT: It kept my attention!

It also irritated mummy because it’s quite solid and heavy.  It crashes quite loudly into things and will probably upset the neighbours.  So it’s been rationed.  I can have it for 15 minutes a day only.  To save my sanity and that of my mummy and our neighbours!

A partially Chuck-friendly toy – maybe I’ll get over how frustrating it is one day, and learn to just enjoy it!

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