Lazy Sundays

puppyWhen I joined the Bennett Family, I was a tiny puppy (see Exhibit A, left – aren’t I amazingly CUTE?!).  I slept lots, for sure, but I also loved playing, jumping, running, scratching, enjoying my new Mummy and Daddy etc.

Mummy and Daddy honestly believed they would never have another lie-in ever again.  On an average day, we get up at 6.30am for a morning walk.  So naturally, this is my morning rhythm and I expect that every morning, whatever day of the week it is.  PLUS, human beds are amazing.  Stuff moves under the blankets and it’s great fun to pounce on these miscellaneous moving things and try to dig them out.

bedTo everyone’s enormous surprise, I recently decided for no particular reason that sleeping in a bed is better than digging up the bed.  I gave my Mummy and Daddy their weekends back, apparently.  I get Daddy out of bed at 6.30am so I can have a quick wee in the garden, and then join them upstairs for a few hours for a nap.

It’s brilliant.  I love bed.

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