Windy Business

Wind is weird.  It makes things move that shouldn’t move and those things make noises that I can’t locate.

I like running in the wind outside on my walks.  I DON’T like wind making things crash around outside at night time when everyone is asleep.  I take my sentry duty seriously.  I need to guard my mummy and daddy from danger.  How can I do that when strange noises that have no locatable source happen outside, in the middle of the night?

I was barking a lot with the stormy wind outside a few nights ago on Monday night.  Mummy and Daddy had to take me upstairs to calm me down (excellent news! Sleeping in mummy and daddy’s bed!) and it was fine until the wind changed direction and started making the tree slap against the windows.

Daddy and I went into the spare room and we slept there.  Mummy had a big meeting in London in the morning and Daddy told me it might be in both of our best interests to let her sleep by herself.  He wasn’t wrong.

The next day, Daddy decided to ring the tree surgeon to cut off the slappy branches.  I also decided that having slept upstairs once, this was FAR better than my own bedroom downstairs.  At bedtime, I decided that I would start complaining about not being upstairs with the big bed.

Apparently this didn’t go down well.  Daddy basically told me to shut up and stop complaining.  I understood – it wasn’t windy any more and I was just trying to take a punt on being allowed upstairs.

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