Toot Toot, Ah… Beep Beep

I love cars.  I love sitting in them, up front (strapped in), and pretending that I’m flying super fast.  We always go to nice places in mummy or daddy’s cars.  Parks, big walks, Granny and Granpas’ houses (Granny and Grandpa Bennett seem to live a LOT closer).  I even like our journeys to the Vet.  I have a nice Vet called Attila (!) who works in a place called Beaconsfield, which is full of big houses and loud cars.

I have my own car seat, which we call the BolBox.  It’s hooked over the front seat headrest so I can keep track on mummy/daddy’s driving skills, which are fairly good.  It means I can see out of the windows and growl at cyclists or cows.

I grew up from a tiny age being in a car, so I’m used to it.  I know the auto-click sound mummy’s keys make when she unlocks the car and I rush to the door to get in! LOVE IT!

PS I have a vine channel now.  I’ve been inspired by Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund, I’m going to wear some fab outfits and do silly things on camera!

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