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Furry Business & New Yummies!

Mummy had to go to the garden centre yesterday to buy a spade to get engraved for her school's special turf-cutting ceremony.  I told her that she didn't need to buy a special spade when I would happily dig a hole for free and I'm definitely special enough without any engraving.  When she was at… Continue reading Furry Business & New Yummies!

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Therapy & Comfort in the Workplace

Dogs in the workplace.  A tricky one, right? For sure, there are many places of work that really wouldn't suit dogs.  Manufacturing industry workplaces, for example.  Public transportation, too - probably unwise.  But... schools? General offices? Here I am in mummy's office.  I'm helping her strategise her next income generation campaign.  I'm on my lead,… Continue reading Therapy & Comfort in the Workplace